Zenwise Digestive

Suffering from digestive issues? Try out this simple supplement. The enzyme is safe and effective for most people. The ingredients that are used in this product effects each and every individual in varied ways, but it is proven to work efficiently. As this supplement effects on different body diversely so to get the maximum result, it is important to follow the instructions. The enzyme is effective only when you have made natural changes in your diet. It is also to be remembered that those who have excessive gas, gluten intolerance or OBS and other similar digestive issues this supplement may not work the same.

What are the ingredients present in Zenwise Health Digestive Enzymes?

The supplement does not contain any ingredient that has any negative effect. The ingredients used are considered to be safe when used in limited amounts. The ingredients used are listed below:

  • Turmeric: Since time immemorial turmeric has been used as an aid for digestion. It is a bright orange root that helps you in dealing with weak digestion or digestive congestion.
  • Ginger: This age old spice is known to aid in nausea. It claims to help with motion sickness and loss of appetite as well as stomach pain. The underground roots of ginger can be dried or used fresh.
  • Green papaya: It is said to aid in the digestion of protein and also contains various essential enzymes to help in digestion.
  • Glucoamylase: It breaks the glucose/sugar chains into smaller parts so that the body can digest it easily.
  • Lipase: It is a pancreatic enzyme that helps in breaking down fatty acids and alcohol.
  • Papain: This enzyme is obtained from papaya and it helps in the breakdown of protein fibers so that it can be easily digested. It works great with tough proteins like red meat and pork.
  • Bromelain: It is a natural enzyme that is derived from the stems of pineapples. It is a protein extract.
  • Lactase: This enzyme is essential for the breakdown of various dairy products like milk and also milk sugar. It is produced by various animals.
  • Cellulase: This enzyme is mainly produced by fungi and it helps in the breakdown of cellulose and other related compounds.
  • Protease: It breaks amino acids so that they can be easily absorbed by our body.
  • Amylase: It is normally produced by the saliva gland. This enzyme helps in the breakdown and absorption of carbohydrates.

How to buy this Digestive Enzyme?

This enzyme is available in at a modest price of $20.87 for a single month supply. You may have to pay shipping charges extra.


It is advised to limit your consumption of sugar and other sugary foods like honey or chocolates. Processed foods with Trans-fat, processed grains and oils should also be avoided in your diet.

If you intake, alcohol, wine, vinegar and even beer while using this supplement then it can have a negative effect on your body.

If you maintain healthy dietary changes, then this enzyme will be bringing you amazing results.



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