L-Citrulline is an amino acid that’s naturally produced by the body that poses many health benefits. Few of the important health benefits of L-Citrulline are: cardio health, improve strength and stamina, and relief from erectile dysfunction. Do you know the meaning the word, “L-Citrulline”? It’s a derivative of the word, “Latin Citrullus” which means watermelon. This is because – the fruit watermelon is enriched with high concentration of amino acids.

Even though, L-Citrulline is naturally pumping out from the body, there is a very few percentages of people who lacks in the production of this acid. This, in turn, causes reduced stamina, and erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and greatly impact on the immune system. But fortunately, the extra needed amount of L-Citrulline can be attained by including L-Citrulline rich foods in your daily diet and by taking the supplement.

Signs of L-Citrulline Deficiency

  • Prolonged wound healing, especially burns and infections
  • Skin rashes and hair fall
  • Improper liver functioning & irregular blood supply

If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above, it might be due to the deficiency of L-Citrulline compound or lack of amino acids in your body. But fortunately, it can be easily treated by intaking the below-mentioned foods or by taking natural supplements available in the market.

Food Sources Enriched With L-Citrulline

  • Watermelon
  • Garlic and Onion
  • Legumes
  • Fish and Meat
  • Dried Fruits and Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate

Including the above mentioned diet in your daily routine will automatically increase the level of L-Citrulline in your body. As these compounds plays an important role in regulating heart and blood vessels, this will help you and your heart to feel better.

Benefits of Taking L-Citrulline Rich Food

  • Improves physical performance
  • Promote healing process
  • Protects cardio health
  • Treats erectile dysfunction & other sexual disorders
  • Reduces FREE radical damage
  • Boosts mass muscle formation
  • Lowers and regulates blood pressure

Eating healthy nutrients rich in amino acids allow the body to regulate the nitrogen present in the bloodstream, thus helping the circulatory system bring more oxygen to all over the body.




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