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Relax VR Review- Rest, Relaxation, Meditation & Peace of Mind


What if you could lie on quiet grassy hills or relax on beautiful sandy beaches all in the comfort of your home? Sounds impossible? Now it is possible with Relax VR, the ultimate relaxation experience in virtual reality. In these days people are overburdened with life troubles and the level of stress and anxiety is increasing. This app is designed to reduce all your anxieties and life stresses and to give you peace and tranquility. It helps you to get rid of your stress through virtual reality without the expensive services of professional therapists.

What is Relax Vr?

This mobile meditation app that was developed in Sydney by two Australian entrepreneurs is compatible with Google’s Cardboard and Daydream and all Samsung’s Gear VR headsets. Sourabh Jain and Eddie Cranswick developed it in 2016; it has since been launched in the Android app stores and iOS. It will submerge you in 360-degree videos and take you into relaxation locations of your choice. You may find yourself relaxing in the Tropical beach of Philippines or in the forest creek of Germany or may be in the Northern lights of the USA. The designer has also incorporated music that comes in a soothing voice to guide its users. It evokes thoughts, reactions, emotions as experienced in the real world through illusions and simulations.

What are the various locations that you can experience in Relax VR?

It gives you 5 magnificent locations to select among:

  • Tropical beaches of Philippines.
  • Forest creek of Germany.
  • Wineglass Bay of Australia.
  • Northern lights of the USA.

With Relax VR, the designer also gives you Yoga Nidra which helps you to experience physical, mental and emotional relaxations. Meditation has been found to be an effective way to improve one’s mood and reduction of stress. Though you cannot solely rely on meditation to overcome your mental health, you will experience general overall health benefits. The purpose of this technology is to provide a safe and effective treatment without the presence of professional therapists. Professional therapies are very costly and also have got various side effects. Studies show that VR therapy is just as effective as a combination of both drug and VR therapies.

Post-traumatic stress is very common among people, especially among the military. Through Vr, a patient will be able to overcome the trauma by being immersed in a virtual reality that stimulates the experiences that caused the trauma in the first place.

What are the pros and cons of this app?


  • It can treat phobias and anxiety disorder.
  • It is cost effective.
  • Patients will have their treatments at home therefore no chance of public guilt.


  • This app costs $0.99 and also requires a VR headset, which some people cannot afford.
  • It requires a smartphone with an operating system that supports it.
  • The industry is still taking small steps since technology has not been advanced enough to accommodate it.

Many companies today are focused on coming up with clinical tools that therapists use to treat their patients and help them in alleviating signs of anxiety. Relax VR is one such tool that comes in handy if you suffer from bouts of anxiety.



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