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Foria Awaken- Natural CBD Oil to Stimulate Your Feelings of Romance!

Foria Awaken

Cannabis has the magical power to help with women’s $exual health and mental health! Do you believe this fact? Nearly 67% of the consumers polled in the survey that the new product FORIA Awaken enhances the female $exual experience—without getting high from your head to your toes. In this article, we are going to discuss all the features of the amazing product “FORIA Awaken” here:-

FORIA Awaken – An Overview!

FORIA Awaken, the all-natural CBD oil is manufactured to help women’s health and well-being, thus opening the doors to $exual pleasure. This all-natural CBD oil awakens your soul, promote relaxation and increase blood flow to provide the better experience.

This oil is designed for topical use as a massage oil to promote intimacy. Sensation-enhancement begins building after applying and massaging it in. Each bottle contains 20-30 applications. FORIA Awaken is edible, gluten-free and easy-to-use!

Key Ingredients of FORIA Awaken

FORIA Awaken is the perfect blend of 8 all-natural aphrodisiacs including: USDA certified, organically grown CBD; liquid coconut oil; kava root; cinnamon; ginger; cardamom; peppermint; vanilla; cacao.

Other ingredients added are: – All-natural and organically grown Hemp Oil, Liquid Coconut Oil; Organic Whole-Plant Extracts (Kava Root, Hemp, Cinnamon, Ginger); Proprietary Oil Blend of Organic Cardamom & Peppermint, Vanilla & Cacao.

Advantages of Using FORIA Awaken

  • Calm your nervous system and gives better relaxation
  • Increase your mood and promotes better libido
  • Open up emotions and give peace of mind
  • Triggers the sense of passion, concentration, mood and $exual fervor

Now, gift FORIA Awaken for your girlfriend and get ready to dive into the more sensual realms!

Why to Choose FORIA Awaken

  • It’s the perfect blend of 8 all-natural aphrodisiacs
  • Includes full spectrum of organically grown CBD oil
  • 100% organic ingredients in Organic Coconut MCT oil
  • Rich flavored with chocolate and mint aroma

How FORIA Awaken Works?

Formulated using organically grown CBD Oils, FORIA Awaken has numerous beneficial effects including: reduced depression, enhanced blood flow, better mental health, increased mood and stamina.

Cautions – Don’ts of FORIA Awaken

  • Not for use with latex; Awaken is oil-based, so make sure to use condoms, diaphragms or toys made of silicone, oil-safe materials
  • Avoid use if you are allergic to any ingredient
  • Keep out of children

What Happy Consumers Have to Say about FORIA Awaken

“I am never going back to any other lubricant. So comfortable and feels much better than all the silicone or water based lubricants I’ve tried. Not a miracle product for me, didn’t give me 11/10 overwhelming new sensations or anything but still excellent. Some people don’t like the mint chocolate smell but I think it smells really good (and so does my partner). Will be repurchasing and also excited to try new products from this brand :)”

“It is the first lubricant to completely mute my pain during $ex, foreplay, everything. Not to mention it tastes the best! Thank you, Foria. This lubricant has given me hope again.”

Where to Buy FORIA Awaken

This product is now available for sale at their official website! Select your package and place your order now!



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