Supplement Ordering And Its Hidden Clauses

Being healthy and fit is the need of the hour! The fast and busy world leave no room for health routines. Chaotic life style and stress are the main reasons to have poor health. Poor health eventually leads to many diseases that take-out life and its savings. To beat the above adverse event, one can do these things:

  • Set up a rigorous exercise routine.
  • Join fitness classes.
  • Join meditation and self-realization sessions.


All the options above need time out of that tight schedule. In this case, the best remedy is to look for health supplements, that will supply the body with extra nutrients to maintain a healthy body and mind. Now, there are many products available that will cater to the above need. All the products are available online and can be ordered with ease.

The ease of owning the product is such that you need only a few clicks. However, there is one problem!

The problem associated is due to “Auto-ship Programs” that is being offered by many manufacturers and promoters. In this program, the samples are shipped automatically to your address. Now, you wouldn’t mind the same if the clinically reinforced claims are visible. The same benefits or claims if not satisfied, then you do not want the samples to reach your doorstep. But, unfortunately the samples arrive and you are already billed over your credit card. Often the above is also associated with a free trial sample, where the catch would be that after the free trial sample benefits, the full package is shipped to you. And, exactly the claims are not satisfied and you do not want the full package. But, to your bad fate the package is delivered and you are already charged for it.

But, not all the auto-ship programs would be a scam. Just imagine that a wonderful product which you derive benefits from arrives at your door step without one click. It is just so convenient. Some companies also try to send the sample earlier so that you do not run out of the stock. However, much of the products are associated with scams and there are only a few genuine.

Auto ship scams can get your credit scores down and you would go haywire in figuring the charges on your card. Well, you can save your credit scores by considering the following tips:

  • Do not get lured by “Free Trial” offer: Often, companies offer a free trial sample and you would naturally get carried away. While you do that, the catch lies in the renewal. While the free sample may arrive 10 days late from the date of purchase, depending on location and efficient courier service. By this time, you might have already ended up in buying the next sample. This happens automatically as your Credit Card details are registered. So, o not sign up for free trials. Products which are the best do not give away free samples as they are sure of selling more.


  • Look for the disclaimers: Reputed companies or honest companies should abide by the respective Trade Laws under which they operate. By trade laws, there should be clear disclaimer in “English” or a clearer message of auto-renewal process and the subsequent charges on the card. Look for that information in the site and for the product that you wish to go for. Many companies, would also actually not keep the information at all on their site; this is a severe non-compliance. Also, there are some candidates who dump this information somewhere in the site which is like hard to find. In this way, they are neither lying nor completely honest. What one should look for is in the ordering sheet:
  1. The disclaimer info on the auto-renewal process.
  2. The terms and conditions associated with the purchases. The information should be clear on “installments”, “money back” and “renewals”.

What to do if you still become the “Victim”?

Luck can be bad and you may still end up falling victim to this ruthless auto ship program and screw up your wallet. Here are two quick tips to tackle this unfortunate situation:

  • Approach the credit card company and explain the situation. Register a complain on the scam purchases and register a case against the vendor. If you are lucky enough, credit card company might refund the extra purchases. Otherwise, you may still fight a suit against the vendor. Also, the advice of cancelling the current card is not bad. You can always get a new card issued.
  • You can also contact the vendor customer care center and dump the situation. But, here you will need to have some patience, as there can be delays in accepting the situation. The customer care will try its level best to have convinced you. You should not lose it and continue to fight for the wrong. You can also threaten them by court rules to get your issue sorted.


Overall, falling prey to auto ship programs are most likely unless you are cautious. You can also consider options of buying the supplements offline from departmental stores. In the end, if you still fall prey, share your story online and guide others of how to save themselves. A note of inspiration.
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