Personalized Vitamins Pack – Are They Actually Worth The Cost?

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So, what is the personalized vitamins pack? Do you ever hear of this package?  Yes, you might be! Recently, this Personalized Vitamins Pack has been creating a great buzz in the healthcare industry! Numerous health care providers and companies are popping up with a tagline saying “We Help You to Create Your Own Personalized Vitamins Pack”. Do you think they’re really necessary? Are they actually worth the cost? Continue reading to reveal the answer to this question!

Personalized Vitamins Pack is designed in such a way in making health easy and helping you get the vitamins you need to feel you that tiny bit healthier, happier and energetic.  If you’re suffering from vitamin deficiency, no need to worry anymore! Yes, our Personalized Vitamins Pack is here for you! We recommend the right vitamins and supplements by asking a few questions about your lifestyle, goals, and values.

How Do Care/Of Personalized Vitamins Pack Work?

You’ll start personalizing your vitamin pack by filling out the survey form which helps to address your health habits, lifestyle and all other concerns.

Next comes your health goals – Here we will found out whether you’re looking for supplement to treat specific health condition or just to enhance your overall health. In this section, we will analyze on things you want to focus on, like brain health, energy, immunity, stress, sleep, or digestion.

The entire survey will take about 5 minutes and after finishing the online survey, Care/of recommends a list of supplements which you can add in your daily diet. And finally the survey ends up in recommending six vitamins and two supplement packs.

Once you got subscribed to this pack, you will receive a box of personalized packs each month. Adjust or cancel any time. They are currently offering free shipping on orders over $20.

Find Out What Your Body Needs!

Care/Of work in such a way to find out what your body needs exactly! We suggest you vitamins based on the following scale:-

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Capsules not pills
  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • Suits for All
  • ZERO Side Effects

What Makes Care/Of Unique?

  • Honest Guidance and Support
  • Better Ingredients and All-Natural Pack of Vitamins
  • Personalized Plan for You

Key Highlights of Care/Of

  • Personalized Vitamins Pack
  • FREE Personalized Assessment Test
  • Nutrition Assessment Backed by Leading Health Experts
  • Vitamin Packs Are Created Just For You
  • Vitamins and Supplements Suggested Are Pharmaceutical Grade, Quality Tested, 100% Guarantee
  • Option for Vegetarian Or Vegan Capsules

Take FREE Assessment Test Now!

Now, there is no need a vitamin cabinet anymore. Convenient daily vitamin packs and pocket-sized Quick Sticks can live with you however you want – in your kitchen shelf, on your computer desk, in your pocket, anywhere.

Build a Healthy Habit From Now On!

Download our iPhone App to unlock savings, set reminders, and learn how your vitamins boost your health along the way. We’ll help you build your habit and keep it up!



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