Hemp oil has provided benefits to a large number of people in the USA. Folium Bioscience is also a product that uses hemp oil, but has a superior quality that the other similar products available in the market. It promises to give magical treatment for several health issues. It does not give the ‘high’ feeling that generally comes from some of the other parts of the plant.

Folium Bioscience is fully legal and is registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. The company uses natural genetic strain of hemp to produce this product. Their farm is in Colorado and only organic farming practices are used on the farms.  Consumers are allowed to visit their firm to ensure that the product is both consistent and pure. Consumers are also allowed in their green house as the company believes that this is where the relationship and longevity of their customers starts.

The company is presently seeing strategic partners and distributors to help market this revolutionary product on a worldwide scale. The hemp oil used in this formula is of superior quality and it can be used by all age groups.

The team at Folium Bioscience has the world’s leading scientists who are experts in the field of hemp oil. The vision of this team is to take the company even further then the reputation it has gained so far.

In this review, we will discuss about the product, its usefulness and purchase policies. This will help you to determine how this supplement works.

What are the various products that Folium Bioscience offers?

Three different products are offered by Folium Bioscience. These products are described as PCR hemp oil pure form factors. Listed below are the three variants-

  • Standard PCR Hemp Oil: This form is a rich concentration of up to 60% spectrum Cannabinoid. It also contains terpene profiles.
  • Pure PCR Hemp Oil: This form of Folium Bioscience contains about 80% Phylocannabinoids.
  • Water Soluble Products (Liquid and Powder): This form is specifically designed for gastrointestinal support and lymphatic transport.

What are the various applications of Folium Bioscience?

The three different products, mentioned above have five methods of applications. Below listed are the various methods:

  1. Soft Gel and Capsules-These are patent protected.
  2. Water soluble powder-It turns liquid based ingredients into powder that are water soluble.
  3. Functional beverages and smoothies-These are designed for absorption, stability and bio availability.
  4. Tinctures and sprays-These are nothing but patent protected Soft Gel; however, as a spray form they claim to improve absorption as well as bio availability.
  5. Topical Formulations-These are supposed to improve and speed up absorption rate. These are designed in such a way that their application should support optimal health benefits.


Consumers are saying a lot of great things about the company. To know more about various customer reviews visit the company’s official website. What’s more? The company is seeking distribution partners that play a key role in their worldwide strategy. So if you are in the distribution business then the company would love to hear from you.



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