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Evoke Alpha Testo Boost is a very powerful testosterone enhancer which has been designed by Get Recked that specialises in manufacture of strong male and sports enhancement supplements which help in boosting their mental, physical as well as sexual performance. It is a powerful product which is also affordable and has been designed with different natural ingredients for providing a huge boost in the natural testosterone level of the body without using the artificial ingredients and harmful compounds. While the booster has been promoted mainly as anabolic enhancement product, the manufacturers claim that this formula may even offer some additional benefits in the sexual life of the male users like a high level of libido and an improved erectile function.

Working process

For our body to normally produce testosterone, it needs a good supply of some of the minerals and vitamins regularly. But unfortunately, our lives today have become so busy that our capability to consume food has been restricted and that is why we do not get all the essential nutrients. Malnutrition is not the only issue in our lives as our body naturally drops its production of testosterone with approximately 1% every year after some particular age. Evoke Alpha Testo Boost includes the nutrients which our body requires for an optimum production of testosterone and certain additional plant extract which may offer additional testosterone boosting effects in the body of males. Additionally, it also includes the ingredients which have anabolic effect in our body thereby promoting the strength of the muscles and the muscle mass while also alleviating fatigue during the high intensity workout.

List of ingredients

  • Magnesium- Magnesium is many times related o bones and heart’s health. But it also plays a very important role in approximately 300 biological functions and some of the enzymes functions. As stated by the Anabolic Men, minerals may even increase the amount of the free testosterone which is available in the male body.
  • Zinc- A research done by Wayne State University of Michigan has provided evidences that the level of zinc in our body have a very strong relation to amount of the serum testosterone which is available in our body.
  • Tribulus Terrestris- a number of bodybuilders consume Tribulus Terrestris because of its anabolic features. But, some people even employ this particular plant extract because of its capability of improving endurance during the sexual activities. Herbs wisdom also report that some of the animal studies have offered evidence that the plant extract has positive effect on the levels of testosterone.

The other ingredients which are included in this booster are horny goat weed, chrysin, hawthorn berries, saw palmetto berry, ciccus quadrangularis, longjack extracts, etc.


Unlike most of the other testosterone boosters which only depend on the natural plant’s extracts, this booster also comprises of zinc and magnesium. Both these minerals are directly linked to amount of the testosterone which is available in our body.


While a large dosage of zinc is offered by the booster, it often fails to offer adequate amount of Magnesium per each dose. Both the minerals are very important for production of normal testosterone.



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