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Searching online to find out the right solution to your hearing loss problem without spending a fortune? Then here’s the best choice for you! Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium, the almost invisible hearing aid made from titanium. So, how this revolutionary hearing aid helps to bring an innovative solution for you? Continue reading….

Virto™ B-Titanium – Product Features!

Encased in a tiny titanium shell, the new Virto™ B-Titanium invisible hearing aid now becomes the top-selling and the most-popular product from Phonak. Powered with innovative technology, Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium has been the ideal option for those people who look for the best hearing performance.

Incorporating with high-end material for Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium, the design of this invisible hearing aid combines performance, functionality, and aesthetics. If you or your loved one enjoy having an active lifestyle that requires a durable, tough and tiny hearing aid, just try Virto™ B-Titanium!

Key Features of Virto™ B-Titanium

  • Proven and tested by a registered hearing aid supervisor
  • Innovatively designed and easy-to-use
  • Comes with manufacturer’s warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Why Consider Virto™ B-Titanium?

Compared to other hearing aids, Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium stands out from the rest with its discreet, custom-made, invisible-in-canal hearing aid constructed of hypoallergenic material. As for better sound quality, the AutoSense Operating System adjusts to reflect the most difficult of listening environments without the need for manual operation.

Due to the ultra-weight design, Virto™ B-Titanium perfectly fits in your ear that offering ultimate comfort and discretion.  This is the reason behind why more and more people stepping behind this amazing and innovatively designed hearing aid.

Key Specifications of Virto™ B-Titanium

  • AutoSense Operating System
  • 20 Sound Processing Channels
  • Auto Acclimatization
  • EchoBlock
  • SoundRelax
  • SNR Boost
  • TUser Preference Tuning
  • Real Ear Sound

What’s more – Virto™ B-Titanium supposed to be super hypoallergenic. That being stated, unlike other hearing aids, titanium is non-reactive to the nature of human skin!

Is Virto™ B-Titanium Really Invisible?

Yes… This hearing aid encased in the tiny shell that sits deep in the ear canal; so as stated by the manufacturer, Virto™ B-Titanium is really invisible thus offering the ultimate level of comfort.

Who are the Right Candidates for Using Virto™ B-Titanium?

The manufacturer has designed this invisible hearing aid in such a way to meet the needs of all! However, in rare cases, if your ear canal is too narrow or too tight a bend or other indications such as excessive waxy or perforated eardrums, Virto™ B-Titanium may not work for you.

How Can I Purchase Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium?

Compared to all other hearing aids available on the market, Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium supposed to deliver the best results while maintaining the ultimate level of comfort. If you really wish to try this product for you, you can make use of the trial version offered by the manufacturer. Actually, we don’t know when this trial offer ends. So, hurry up to make use of this trial offer and find out how this product is going to work for you! Visit the official website for more info!



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