Nugo Slim

These days protein bars are on high due to their nutritional value and the surge of energy that they provide. But they have a drawback that they are filled with other chemicals and too much sugar that is not healthy for the body.

NuGo Nutrition is one such bar that is free from fattening ingredients and also has natural sugar in it. It is safe on the body and free from chemical fillers as well. This protein bar has natural ingredients that helps in reviving the energy and keeps cravings at bay as well urging you to eat healthy food.

Ingredients In NuGo Nutritonal Bar

NuGo is made from natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for your body. It has no chemicals or synthetic substances that effects the health of the body. Let’s take a look the the nutritional list of NuGo:

  • High Protein: This bar is meant best for the athletes who requires more power and instant energy to boost their performance. This bar provides them with high protein content and less sugar, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Diabetes: This protein bar is very low in sugar and does not harm those who are suffering from diabetes. It is made from real dark chocolate that has many health benefits in store.
  • High Fiber: Each NuGo bar has 12 gms of fiber in it that helps in regulating the weight of the body, it gives healthy bowel movements and improves heart health as well.
  • Vegan: This bar is made from plant proteins and is completely free from animal proteins or their by-products.
  • No Soy: This bar does not contain any soy product so it can be easily consumed by those who suffer from soy allergy. These protein bars are certified to be free from soy products.

Reviews About NuGo

Those who have been using NuGo from a long time have appreciated its positive effect on the body. The taste and nutritional value of NuGo is a hit among the consumers. As they are rich in natural ingredients so some consumers have appreciated this bar for helping them in reducing few inches off their body.

Almost 80% of consumers have rated NuGo well by giving it 5 stars when asked for reviewing it. The hit factor is the flavor and natural ingredients that are used in this bar.

Where To Purchase?

You can purchase NuGo from its official website which displays more than 40 bars and informs you about them as well. If your total amount goes upto $50.00 then you will be awarded free shipping of the bars to your doorstep.

If you buy a bundle pack of 12 NuGo bars in one go then too you will save more money than buying them individually and paying for the shipping cost. Just fill up a simple form on the website and order this protein rich bar today.

Review Summary

NuGo is a nutritional and healthy bar that meets everyone’s basic need. It provides energy, promotes a healthy digestion process and also takes out toxins from the body that tames weight as well.



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