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Lyriana Review- Enhance Female Libido and Increase Natural Lubrication?


Lyriana Female Libido Enhancer is a dietary supplement taken in oral form which helps to significantly increase your desire for sexual activity by enhancing your libido and sexual drive. It also helps to balance hormones safely and naturally.

How Does Lyriana Work?

Lyriana combines specially formulated active ingredients which help to boost a woman’s sex drive for better quality intercourse. Lyriana works to boost female libido by balancing dopamine levels, balancing hormones, improving sensitivity and acting as a powerful aphrodisiac. At first, it works to stimulate your body into producing chemicals or hormones associated with sexual desire or libido. Second, it increases the blood flow to your sexual organs, causing more sensitivity and an increased arousal.

List of ingredients used in Lyriana

There are five active ingredients that are known to influence libido and that make Lyriana so effective. The ingredients include:

  • L-Arginine– It helps to improve blood circulation to clitoral region.
  • Horny Goat Weed– It is an herb used as a powerful aphrodisiac.
  • Maca– It promotes increased orgasm strength.
  • Yohimbine Extract– It helps to improve energy, stamina and tactile sensation.
  • Damiana– It strengthens hormonal system.

Advantages of taking Lyriana

  • Libido and sex drive increased dramatically
  • Makes you able to achieve multiple orgasms and that too more easily
  • Increases blood flow to the tiny vessels in the delicate genital tissues which promotes cellular growth and repair
  • Uses all natural and clinically tested herbal extracts which means it is safe to use
  • Helps to experience vaginal lubrication, improved sensitivity and overall pleasant sensation

Using Lyriana Female Libido Enhancement

Each container of Lyriana comes with 60 capsules; you should begin by taking one (1) capsule a day to check the effectiveness and your tolerance to this supplement. As you assess your tolerance, you can increase your daily intake up to three capsules. To prevent stomach problems, take Lyriana after your meals and with a ten-ounce glass of water. You will begin to see results as soon as 7-10 days of use.

Preventive measures to follow

  • Consult your physician or a qualified health care professional, before start using the supplement.
  • Keep the product away from the reach of children.
  • Do not use the product if the seal is found to be broken or missing.

What are the users of Lyriana saying about the product?

Karen says, “Within just 3 weeks, I was the one initiating sex more than my husband which was a first. I was amazed at how great Lyriana worked.”

Donna shares, “Lyriana is the first product I have used that has allowed me to have intercourse with my husband without pain. I am so pleased to find something that actually works and will recommend this product to family and friends.”

Janette says, “I’ve tried so many different products, but nothing works nearly as well as Lyriana. If you are a woman suffering from low libido, I would recommend you to try Lyriana.”

How to order Lyriana?

You can place the order for Lyriana directly by going online to the official website of the product.



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