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For Intensive Foot Care And Fungal Nail Renewal Try Kerasal

Kerasal Nail Renewal

Due to excessive moisture and less acre, our toenails often get fungal infections and this ruins the toenails. This infection should be treated properly and toenails should be kept clean and dry to prevent such fungal infections.

To treat this fungal infection, a natural formula called Kerasal has been formed that is globally popular for its gentle treatment. It has been recommended by many dermatologists to treat fungal infections. It heals dry and cracked heels and gives soft and smooth skin in return.


What Is Kerasal?


Kerasal is a natural formula that treats the fungal nail infection and keeps the feet happy and healthy. It penetrates deep within the skin and treats dry feet and cracked heels. It is made from natural ingredients that treats the skin gently and does not leave any side-effect on the skin.

This product was launched in Sweden initially and then from there it came to Canada, where it gained huge popularity. Then in 1996, it came to the United States and gained momentum as it was prescribed by many dermatologists for fungal infections and foot care.


What Is Kerasal Challenge?


When Kerasal became very popular in 2003 and gained momentum then its company launched ‘Kerasal Challenge’. Those who took the free trial of the cream were supposed to review it as well after the use. The main aim of the brand was to show the effectiveness of the cream to the consumers.

Many people participated as well in this challenge where they applied cream on one foot leaving the other just like that. They did this for five days and analyzed the results of the cream during 5 days. Their views were positive as most of the people said that they experienced soft and supple feet after applying this cream for 5 days.

To make its effectiveness more solid, the American Podiatric Medical Association sealed it as an effective cream for treating fungal infections and total foot care as well. It comes in a small tube and is available at many retail stores at an affordable price.

Kerasal is also available on its website for a discounted price where you can easily order the cream online and order it online as well. It will come to your doorstep within few days.


Benefits Of Kerasal

  • This product is made from natural ingredients and specially designed for treating toenail infections and removing fungus as well. It keeps the feet healthy and moisturized. It keeps cracked heels and dryness of the feet at bay and keeps it healthy for a long time.
  • Kerasal treats the fungal infections of toenails within 1 week and shows best results on a faster rate.
  • The cream comes with a silicone tip applicator so that the cream can be applied wherever it is required and in the minimum quantity without causing the mess on clothes or wherever you sit.
  • It treats dry, cracked heels and also removes fungal toenail infections in just 5 days of its regular use.



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