Cure for heart disease

Can Heart Disease Be Cured?

Talking about a cure for heart disease always elicits skeptical responses both from the medical fraternity as well as the general people. The consensus is that curing heart disease is not possible but stunting its progress is achievable.

Some studies though do prescribe a rigorous and disciplined lifestyle viz a viz diet, exercise, and stress management, giving up on alcohol and smoke can cure the heart disease.

Curing heart disease may appear a remote possibility. Keeping heart healthy and slowing the progress seems to be a more realistic goal. To achieve this goal, follow these simple guidelines.


Introduce antioxidants like green tea, berries, and dark green vegetables like broccoli. Add lycopene-rich food (orange veggies and fruits) to your diet. Replace unhealthy carbs with a healthier option, like opt for the sweet potato instead of potatoes. Chose whole grains instead of processed grain, add legumes and beans to your diet. Load up on greens and raw veggies to increase fiber intake. Do away with saturated fats they add to bad cholesterol of LDL. Use monosaturated fatty acid rich oils like olive oil in your dietary intake. Give up on saturated fat loaded meat and opt for fishes like salmon and anchovies. This extra dose of Omega -3 fatty acids will maintain the rhythm of your heart. Introduce flaxseed for fiber as well as for Omega-3 fatty acids. Eat nuts, but in small portions, they help balance the LDL and HDL (good cholesterol)  level. Cut back on sugar and go bananas to satisfy that sweet tooth. It will provide you with a healthy chunk of potassium. Reduce salt intake too. Go for juices instead of soda, replace hard liquor or beer with soothing red wine. Get into the habit of eating soy and garlic.  In the end, your food makes your body, so keep your diet healthy your body will become healthy automatically.


If you cannot hit the gym or follow an instructor, then at least walk twenty minutes every day. Try to learn a few restraining exercises; it will help you keep your muscles in shape. Healthy muscles burn fat even when asleep. It will help you fight weight gain and even plaque accumulation in your arteries. Keep yourself active all day Hit the ball on the wall with your tennis racket, dance with your kids, stand instead of sitting. You get the idea take small measures to bring significant changes.

Manage Stress

Meditate regularly, enjoy music, read, write, play with children, do whatever makes you happy and contended. You get to live only once don’t make it all about problems and solutions. Sleep at least 7-8 hours daily and squeeze an extra hour in whenever you can.

Get rid of addictions

Take measures to rid yourself of smoking habits. Consume alcohol with caution and occasionally. Be watchful of secondhand smoke. Passive smoking is as harmful as active smoking if not more.


Take charge of your body and life. Don’t overindulge into feasting, partying, alcohol. Work out, tire yourself up, sleep well, and stay happy. Take care of your heart. Your heart will keep you going.



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