What is good mental health?

Good mental health is far more than a mere lack of psychological problems. It encompasses your entire mental well being. How you feel about your self and others? Your general approach towards life, Your relationship with people around you, your ability to deal with stress and difficulties.

Characteristics of Mentally healthy people.

  • They are content, energetic, fun-loving and cheerful, stable and happy in relationships.
  • They accept change readily and adjust to it quickly.
  • They have high self- confidence and Self- esteem.
  • Above all they are resilient. In life, there will be disappointments, sadness, grief, and loss to cope up with a healthy mind also feels stressed and anxious, but it recovers from those bouts of emotional distress quite quickly. This ability of a healthy mind is called resilience.

What causes mental health issues?

Situations such as aging, illness, grief, and loss are triggers of mental health, but then we also mismanage our psychological conditions. Insatiable great expectations and ambitions from oneself and people around,lack of social interaction, not seeking medical help for the legitimate fear of side effect of drugs arereasons that worsen mental health.

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Can You Boost Your Mental health?

Undoubtedly we can, and the good news is it is much more straightforward than you think.

Boost Your Mental Health

How to boost your mental health?

Physical interaction with people- The keyword here is physical or face to interaction with people. Get social not only on social media but also in real life. Stay connected to people around you, your family, parents, siblings, cousins, childhood friends, and neighbors. Reach out to them in need and seek them actively to talk and have fun. Isolation hurts the mind.

Pursue an active lifestyle

Go for cycling, join marathons for causes, work out every day. These things make you look good. It boosts your confidence. It is scientifically proven that body releases chemicals that make you experience happiness and joy when you workout. So working out not only helps keep the body fit, it helps to keep the mind fit too.

Bust that stress

Know your friends and stay connected with them so that you have someone to look up to in the times of stress. Help and be helped. Talk to your friends and relax with them. Sharing a joke with a friend is always relief giving. Indulge your senses into what soothes it. Craft if find it therapeutic, listen to music, watch the birds and sunset. Learn the art of being grateful for all you have. Many never get to live even a small part of your life. Count your blessings. Make it a point to enjoy some leisurely time. Relax, you don’t always need expensive spas and holidays to do that.

Eat a mentally healthy diet

Cut Down on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugars, and fried food. Avoid preservative rich canned food, resort to natural and raw food. Eat brain-friendly food, colorful veggies, fruits, and berries omega-3 fatty acid rich foods. Add legumes and whole grains to your diet; they provide with protein and fiber both. Go organic, hormone free lean meat will keep you smiling.

Sleep well

Good sleep is far more essential for both body and mind fitness that we give it credit. Teach your mind how to relax and learn to go off to sleep.  A well-rested person is happy and energetic.

Give more purpose to your life

Only building wealth should not be the purpose of life, giving it back to the society that planet that has nurtured you is equally important. Engage in meaningful work, volunteer for abandoned pet care, senior citizens care, do whatever you can for the underprivileged. Such acts of kindness give you that elusive satisfaction that in turn makes you happy.

Finally, your mental health is in your hands, take charge and act now. Be considerate towards yourself and others. Staying fit mentally and physically is your prerogative so make hay while there is sunlight. Learn how to boost your mental health; it is easier than your think.



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