Potential Health Benefits of Konjac- How to Help?


Konjac, commonly called as Glucomannan is an herbal plant that is most commonly found in Asia. This herb is used as a gelatin substance to thicken or add smoothen texture to foods. Enriched with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, this is also used in traditional Chinese medicine as a dietary supplement for weight loss and cholesterol management.

Recent studies have proved that Konjac, the soluble fibers help in reducing blood cholesterol level and promote better bowel movements. And also, it stated that Konjac also offers many health benefits for those who suffer from obesity. Few of the important health benefits offered by Konjac mentioned below: –

Promotes Better Digestion

This substance is water soluble and has the ability to form a soft gel with water. Therefore, it aids in digestion and helps in strengthening your digestive system. It also acts as the better remedy for constipation and hemorrhoids.

Control Type-2 Diabetes

Enriched with the active compound Glucomannan, Konjac helps in reversing the signs and symptoms of type-2 diabetes, by controlling sugar levels in the body.

Absorbs the Needed Minerals and Vitamins

Konjac absorbs nourishes your body by absorbing the needed minerals and vitamins from any foods or drinks you take daily, and thus making your daily diet much more effective and useful.

Increased Immunity Power

Enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, Konjac increases your immunity power and may help your body to fight against common infections such as cold, flu etc.

Is Konjac Safe to Consume?

Till the date, no studies were done to effectively prove the safety of Konjac. Furthermore, several countries have banned the intake of Konjac because of its side effects. Most noteworthy, children, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding new moms refrained from the consumption of Konjac supplements.

Stop the consumption of Konjac and take medical attention immediately if you encounter any serious allergic reactions.

How to Use Konjac?

Even though there are few side effects and negative evidence of using this compound, we can’t deny the health benefits offered by Konjac. Konjac supplements are available for sale online. Also, the supplement not approved and certified by FDA, but still the manufacturer states that Konjac is safe to consume!

When it comes to the dosage level: Take Konjac with 2-3 glasses of water before a meal! Also, the dosage instruction might vary by manufacturer, since there is no standardized dose. So, consult your healthcare provider before start consuming it.

Final Verdict

Konjac – an Asian herbal plant most commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to fight against constipation and reduce cholesterol level. There are few studies that show Konjac is very effective in supporting weight loss. Wrapping up, there are both pros and cons of using Konjac, so do proper research before including it in your diet! Think twice and Act Wise!

Still interested to buy Konjac supplement? Visit the official website or search for reputable manufacturers and buy only from reliable and genuine suppliers!



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