To build a lean and muscular body, you have to follow a well-structured exercise regimen. Your body will get a wide range of health benefits only through a balanced exercise program which not only includes resistance based exercises but also provides cardio training. It should also attack every muscle of the body so that an optimal result is delivered.

But preparing an ideal training program is not an easy task. To prepare a highly optimized training program you should separate every muscle of the body into various groups and train them on separate days. This will help your muscles recover with time and also make them grow.

Your body type should also be taken into consideration while preparing a physical training regimen as each body type responds in a different way while training. The three generalized body types are:

Once you have decided what you want to achieve through physical training, many hurdles will come in your way. One of the very common barrier is injury while performing physical exercises. Such injuries can lead to torn ligaments and muscle sprains. Not only new fitness enthusiasts, but the old ones can also face such troubles. But the good news is that there are a wide variety of fitness enthusiasts who can help you out during your training process. If you decided to have a personal trainer then that can hit your pocket heavily. The average hourly rate for a personal trainer in the United States is more than $80. Well, there are many training guides available online who can help you at an affordable cost.

The ExerciseRX Encyclopedia Program is an online training guide that gives you a comprehensive, fruitful and an intact guide. It is the only online training guide that is supported by medical professionals.

What is ExerciseRX?

It is an online physical training guide that gives fitness enthusiasts a huge knowledge regarding physical fitness. It breaks down every single aspect of the training process. Apart from providing a complete breakdown of more than 200 different exercises it also gives movement explanations and photo glossaries. Two of the foremost experts in the strength training world joined together to form this Exercise Rx Encyclopedia Program. Mark Mcilyar who is the creator of the ABS after 40 programs and Dr. Daniel Bockmann who is a medical professional with an experience of more than four years in improving human health joined to address the most common obstacles faced by fitness enthusiasts.

Exercise Rx tries to ensure that fitness enthusiasts get the best out of each and every workout. The sole aim of this product is to ensure that fitness enthusiasts are following correct form and preventing injuries. Which in turn helps fitness enthusiasts reduce pains, delay onset muscle soreness.


The ExerciseRX as a digital work of reference is a good investment. It ensures that both the new fitness enthusiasts and established athletes get the best result. It helps them to overcome various hurdles and optimizes the overall training productivity.



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