Caliber Nutra Smart Mind: Natural Nootropic Formula To Enhance Performance

Smart Mind

Subjective well being assumes a key part in one’s mind well being. Cognitive health is a very important aspect of our brain and it is the ability to clearly think, learn and remember things. Your cognitive health weakens with your age. The lack of cognitive health as seen in mild mental decline and dementia can have a profound impact on one’s health and well being. Taking healthy foods, limiting alcohol and staying physically active can help older individuals to have a better cognitive health. But if you are still not able to recall information or cannot keep up with the advancement in technology then Caliber Nutra’s Smart Mind is what you are exactly looking for.

Read this review carefully to get a detailed idea of the key ingredients used in Caliber Nutra’s Smart Mind, its current price and its usefulness.


What is Caliber Nutra’s Smart Mind?

Caliber Nutra’s Smart Mind is a dietary supplement that enhances mental energy and focus. It is filled with nootropic properties that may increase one’s cognitive health despite of one’s age. It claims to improve one’s concentration levels, ability to retrieve and recall information and other simple to complex ranging tasks.


What are the ingredients present in Caliber Nutra’s Smart Mind?

It is the only brain health product containing clinically tested levels of four breakthrough ingredient for optimal cognitive function. Four main ingredients that make up Caliber Nutra’s Smart mind are Neumentix, Phosphatidylserine, Theacrine and Huperzine A. It also contains Rice Bran Extract, Rice Concentration, Hydroxpropyl methylcellulose and Microcrystalline Cellulose.


It is obtained from Spearmint. It improves working memory, information storage, ability to multitask and overall cognitive health.


It has a great impact for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This fat substance helps in the transmission of messages between the cells and the brain. It also claims to improve stress level, poor rational skills and lack of attention.


It is a naturally occurring chemical that is similar to caffeine. Its main work is to instigate the central nervous system and increases the energy level and also has sedative and hypnotic effects. Theacrine also stabilizes one’s energy level over time. But unlike other caffeine substances that leave consumers drained out, using Theacrine can keep away any type of anxiety, jitteriness and increased heart rate.

 Huperzine A:

It is nootropic drug that is derived from Huperzia serrate plant that originates in Southeast Asia. It can ease wounds, muscle soreness and cold. Its nootropic properties help in enhancing memory and learning that may delay due to aging.

How to use this product?

To get the best result take 3 capsules with any natural liquid on daily basis. It is advised to take it with one’s dinner. As the serving size is slightly large, for those who are taking various other drugs it is suggested to consult a doctor prior to its use.



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