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Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review- Provide A Full Body Workout?

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze home gym comes with power rod technology and its serious fitness equipment. In case you are looking for a way of looking and feeling better, Blaze would offer you quick results with just twenty minutes every day, thrice a week. Blaze offers more than 60 high-quality gym exercises which work all the muscles and has 210 pounds of power rod resistance which is upgradable to 310/410 pounds. It offers a wide range of strength training exercises. It is quite similar to resistance training equipment which is tucked into the house.


The lat tower has angled lat bar which helps in building the back and the shoulder muscles fast and lower pulley or the squat station helps in doing squats and building the glutes, hamstrings as well as quads. Additionally, Blaze also comes well equipped with leg curl or leg extension attachment which helps in developing strong muscular legs and sliding set-rail helps in performing aerobics rowing as well as leg pressing for improving the cardiovascular health. In place of different handles for each exercise, Bowflex has a triple function handgrip and ankle cuffs along with multiple pulleys or cable positions which encourage custom workout.

But, if a custom workout is not something that you want, then it also includes workout placard which steps the user through the very popular 20 minutes workout.

The Power Rod Technology

Bowflex power rod gives resistance or weight which feels good and sometimes better than free-weight lifting but without the risk or inertia of joint pain which is associated with free-weight strength training. The power rod units are manufactured precisely under high quality control measures, and then sheeted and then tested 4 times for making sure that the equipment is durable and strong. The company is quite convinced of the fact that Power Rod unit is extremely strong. They are so strong that the company has given power rods a no time restriction warranty. In case you are able to wear Power Rod out, Bowflex helps in replacing them free of cost.

Key to the better body

Strength training helps you perform exercises which need resistance for building muscle strength. Strength training isn’t just running on the treadmill, using a rider machine or a ski or riding a bike which is stationary. Even though all these types of the aerobic machines employ resistance for increasing the cardiovascular workout very intensely, it’s not like strength training. Strength training is importantly weightlifting. But there is no need to be discouraged. You do not need to have bulky muscles for achieving the body you want. It only takes dedication as well as persistence.

Strength training works much better. It is mainly because; more the number of muscles in the body, higher is the rate of metabolism. Muscles also create the shape of the body and muscles make it move, it gives strength as well as energy to the body. This does not necessarily mean that you need to abandon the aerobic exercises, cardiovascular exercises are important for getting a healthy body. A combination of strength training and aerobics helps in achieving the fitness goals of the body.

How to order Bowflex?

To order, all you need to do is fill up the online order form along with the shipment and payment details on the official website. You will receive your product within a few days. This Product also available on



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